Does it again:Mike Sonko dresses funny to Mashujaa day



Saturday, October 20, 2012 – Makadara MP Gideon Mbuvi a.k.a. Mike Sonko is a person who is never left behind by the leading trends in town. To some it may be trying too hard to be noticed but this honourable Mheshimiwa is a natural.


He started his term in parliament by going dressed in bling which all MPs opposed apart from the ones who found humour from it.


Later he held a demonstration with his loyal fans dressed in a Rastafarian cap. Well that was definitely extreme.


Now on Mashujaa day Sonko attended the ceremony at Nyayo stadium with several other members of parliament. Contrary to the usual suits by MPs during the important day in the Kenyan calendar, Sonko chose an attire that suits him; he wore the official Kenya Rugby t-shirt.


If you watched today’s proceedings of the day you must have noticed his new hair style. The flamboyant MP had shaved his head and the word SHUJAA engulfed on his head.

Now that is extreme.


Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST




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