Drama as Cheating couple catches ‘lockjaw’ disease

There was a demonstration outside Temeke District Hospital when local residents demanded to see a couple that had been admitted at the facility for being ‘stuck in the act’.

Drama started at the fairly slow hospital when an ambulance arrived and two patients, entwined and covered in a blanket, were put on a stretcher and rushed into Casualty.

Within minutes, the hospital staff had all neglected their duties and were rushing to the room where the couple had gone for examination by doctors. Being part of the hospital staff, the doctors allowed the staff to view the man and woman who were stuck together.

It is said they would alternate sleeping positions to ease the burden of carrying each other’s weight.Within an hour, people had started milling at the hospital gate. Evidently, word had gone round Temeke town and everybody wanted to see who the stuck lovebirds were.

Evidently, a staff member of the Temeke District Hospital had leaked the news to a friend. More people joined the crowd outside the hospital and soon, the crowd had hundreds of curious town residents.


And then hell broke loose. The crowd rushed into the hospital and the gate leading to the wards had to be locked to prevent them from pouring in for a glimpse of the ‘patients’.The area police already had trouble controlling the crowd so they called the riot squad — known as FFU (Fanya Fujo Uone, or cause trouble at your own peril in local parlance) who came in three lorries.

In the typical gung-ho manner of all anti-riot police officers, the FFU fired teargas canisters within the hospital compound to clear the crowd. Pleas from the doctors fell on deaf ears, as the anti-riot police worked to earn their pay and justify their tag name, FFU.

The Chief Medical Officer at Temeke Hospital, Dr Aman Malima, confirmed the pair had been rescued from a guest house after their screams attracted the management.“The hotel manager quickly called an ambulance and they were brought here. I want to commend him for his quick thinking because if he hadn’t done that, the mob, which has little tolerance for cheating spouses here, would have killed them,” said Doctor Maima.

He, however, didn’t explain the type of treatment the two would get to ‘set them free’.As always, some things.


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