Shock as Diaspora Senate candidate’s ID is used by another voter

Do you know if your ID is being used by someone else to vote in Kenya?

Diaspora Senate Candidate gets the shock of her life: Her ID shows her as someone else.On the 22ndNovember, at around 11am, Teresia Wairmu Kairu went to her home village to register as a voter. She had already gone through hell in Kenya to qualify for the TNA Senate candidate, Kiambu County. It is required that every candidate register as a voter. She went to Kabuku Primary School in Limuru Division, Kiambu County. She was accompanied by members of the media including, Citizen, Nation, and the Standard. On giving her National ID issued to her in 1996 by the Kenyan Government, she was shocked to find that the name appearing on the IEBC Electronic Voter Registry was that of one Joyce Jemkemboi Kairu.


She has now filed a complaint with the IEBC and the Kenyan Government authorities. The Police are to investigate how someone who has been in the Diaspora and has not voted since 1992 can have her ID number appear in the IEBC Registry as someone else.  “I may not be the only Diaspora whose ID has been given to someone else. Is it possible that the Diaspora has already voted? We need to know.” She told the officer in charge of the investigation. She is encouraging every person to be keen when registering to vote. She is also demanding that the IEBC explain to her why her ID is in the Electronic Registry. She is encouraging the Diaspora to demand that their national IDs be not included within the Electronic Voter Registry given the possibility of this kind of illegality.


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Teddy Njoroge Kamau ,PhD, SYR/Radio/TV, Director International Desk. Reporting from Kijabe

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