Peter Kenneth, Wamalwa and Tuju mull third force

Presidential aspirants Peter Kenneth, Eugene Wamalwa and Raphel Tuju are in talks over the formation of a third force in the race to State House.

Already, Mr Tuju’s, Party Of Action and Mr Kenneth’s Kenya National Congress are in a coalition and on Thursday the two leaders roped in Mr Wamalwa’s New Ford Kenya.

The leaders said they had engaged in consultations before deciding to shift the balance of the popularly referred to two-horse-race.

“The country deserves not to be limited to just two choices and it must have a better option.

“The options have to remain open because we believe that the country is more important than any group of individuals so we are offering that choice,” said Mr Tuju during a news conference at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi Thursday.

However, the three did not disclose the nature of their agreement or their line-up.

Mr Wamalwa, the Saboti MP, said Kenyans should forget about making a choice between two presidential candidates and instead consider “better options”.

“We have discussed it and are looking at ways and means of ensuring that Kenyans have that better options when the next elections comes. You will be seeing us more together as we will be going round the country,” Mr Wamalwa said.

He said their campaign will focus on developing the country and detribalising the country.

Mr Kenneth said time had come for Kenyans to stop living in “historical bondage” and instead engage in consultations that will culminate in agreements that would offer the country some good.

“Of late there have been coalitions formed we have had our coalition and Mr Wamalwa has had his, but we want coalitions that give hope and not those that are about collusion, collision and lately coercion,” he said.

“This is a country of mostly young people and therefore we must look into new things and better options than what is currently available.”

Mr Wamalwa has entered into a coalition with Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo and former minister Nicholas Biwott parties Federal Party of Kenya and The New Vision Party respectively.

Mr Kenneth said the new alliance would offer Kenyans fresh hands to handle the affairs of the country.

The three leaders are expected to hold a rally in Bungoma Friday and another in Nairobi Saturday.

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