Repent before polls to avert impending doom, preacher warns Kenyans

Renowned preacher David Edward Owuor has called on President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to lead Kenya in observing a national repentance day before the General Election.

Dr Owuor, who held a prayer rally to usher in the New Year at Kisumu’s Moi Stadium from Monday to Tuesday said the government should observe the repentance day at Uhuru Park in Nairobi before the elections to avert “impending doom that the country is headed for”.

“If the Tana River clashes and Baragoi killings are anything to go by, then this is a clear sign of impending doom ahead in Kenya; we need to repent!” Dr Owuor said.

According to him, the wave of violence and crime in the country are reason enough for Kenyans to go before God in prayer and fasting before the polls.

“Repent! God is waiting for you to repent and embrace him!”, Dr Owuor told the gathering of more than 20,000 people.

The evangelist attracted a massive crowd in Kisumu as people from all walks of life thronged the stadium yesterday to receive “healing” from the preacher.

The Kisumu-Nairobi highway leading to the stadium was impassable as motorists tried to access the crusade venue.

Security was tight in Kisumu as private security companies joined the police in securing Kisumu’s central business district and the entire Moi Stadium region.

Kisumu OCPD Musa Kongoli said there was tight security in Kisumu especially because of the multitude of people at the crusade.

According to Dr Owuor, more than 91 preachers from Europe and other parts of Africa were present at the Crusade.

He said more than 300 sick people had been healed at the prayer meeting.

“The Lord is here and everyone must receive his healing. Repent! Repent! It is time for the Messiah to come back, receive healing,” he said.

 It was booming business for traders in Kisumu as thousands thronged the town for the massive prayer meeting.

Fully booked

Hoteliers recorded full bookings as the faithful flooded the lakeside town for spiritual and physical healing.

Eateries were jammed as hungry worshippers trooped there from the crusade.

Ms Grace Aketch, who runs a catering kiosk at the site, says she pitched her tent next to the stadium on December 28, when the faithful started streaming in.

“Business has been good, so I have to stay up all day long to keep my competitors in check,” she said.

Hotel Managers Western Region chairman Robinson Anyal told the Nation that Imperial, Great Lakes and Good Samaritan hotels, where the guests were hosted, were booked to capacity.

Public transport was temporarily paralysed by heavy jams as security officers worked round the clock to direct traffic.

Security was beefed up during the two-day crusade with the various arms of the disciplined forces patrolling to maintain calm and order.

Nyanza PC Francis Mutie has asked security agencies and residents to remain alert as the huge prayer gathering continues.

He said that through God’s guidance and protection, Nyanza residents had lived in peace during the festive season, but pleaded for continued cooperation in the New Year.

The PC told KNA that as the chairman of the Provincial Security Committee, he expects local residents to continue playing an active role in security matters by giving crucial information on suspected criminals.

He asked wananchi to uphold peace by ensuring free and fair elections.


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