The danger of selective hearing: The Spirit of the Lord is speaking

The danger of selective hearing: The Spirit of the Lord is speaking
The danger of selective hearing: The Spirit of the Lord is speaking

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–His eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20).

The Spirit of the Lord is speaking in this hour to us, and He wants us the church to wake up, repent and turn away from our backslidden ways. However, there is a danger in the church.
The Lord, says “my people have developed selective hearing; they choose what they hear, how they hear it and what it means to them. If it pleases their ears and eyes, they accept it as the word of the Lord, if it corrects them, rebukes them, they do not accept it as the word of God”. Selective hearing occurs when people choose to ignore things that they don’t want to hear, and choose and accept only what they want to hear.

It is not a physiological condition, but a choice because individuals who practice selective hearing are physically hearing the words, but their minds choose not to acknowledge the words simply because it is not what they want to hear.

In many cases, their conscious mind has been conditioned to only hear and receive the information that appeals to them. As a result, their subconscious mind does not register any information that is contrary to what it has been conditioned to.

So why is the Spirit of the Lord speaking about selective hearing? If you close your eyes for a few minutes and reflect on what has happened and what is happening in the body of Christ, you will agree that we have created our own Bible and called it the word of God. This is because we choose which scriptures to quote and believe in and those we cannot not read or believe. We have developed a way of excusing those scriptures that are harsh; we say they were written in the Old Testament time or that they were written for a particular audience. We are a church generation that reads Christian literature more than we read the word of God or even speak or have a conversation with God.

We are a church generation that has personal relationships with our spiritual leaders instead of a relationship with the Lord Jesus. We have become prayer-less in our walk with the Lord. We have acquired a form of godliness but constantly deny its power. In this hour, the Spirit of the Lord is simply calling us back to the Lord as a church.

In the book of exodus we read how the children of Israel were invited to the mountain of the Lord so God could speak to them. Halfway there, they became afraid to hear from God directly and they instead told Moses to go and hear for them. Sin will make us uncomfortable to hear the voice of God. When we cannot handle the purity and holiness of God in becoming like Him, we will not want to face Him or we will not want to be in direct contact with Him. We are afraid of what He might say, so we choose to make our own god, but call it ‘God’.

I imagine the Israelites after waiting for Moses to return they might have feared of what Moses was going to say from God, so they made their own god to replace the one Moses went to hear from. Aaron was a leader by nature, people flocked to Him. Leaders have away of pulling crowds even without the anointing being present in their lives. Leaders know what to tell people and how to say it. Israel was under the leadership of Aaron while Moses had delayed in the mountain. They made a golden calf and they bowed down to worship it saying, “These are your God, Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt.” (Exodus 32:8) We have become like this people, we have made our own gods, but call them ‘God’.

We do not change its name because we still want to associate ourselves with God, though we know it is not really Him. They knew very well the golden calf was not the God that delivered them out of Egypt.

We also know very well we have given the glory of God to another by what we have done as a church. However, God is still merciful; He wants us back for His own, and His compassionate love is calling you back to Him.

The events and happenings around us and the world have been sent to awaken God’s people from their spiritual apathy and disobedience. They should provoke us to return to the Lord.

Those who have been called by the Lord in this hour must see the future clearly; we must interpret current events by hearing the voice of the Spirit of the living God. We must know the heart of God that He wants us to return to Him. He is calling the church into repentance, but repentance must begin with His servants; the pastors, evangelists, prophets, and teachers.

We have to come to that place where God reveals to us as leaders how far we have turned away from Him. We no longer can depend on research on the most popular messages in the church; a popular message is not what the church needs but a rare message. In the book of Joel, the prophet Joel uses times to say the timeless.

He uses pictures and current events to warn Judah in His messages; He heard from the Lord and continued to speak till the people heard Him. Child of God, let us return to our God. As Joel, let us blow the trumpet in our families, cities and nation, declare a holy fast, and call a sacred assembly. Let’s consecrate ourselves for our God, let us weep and repent before the Lord. Let those who minister before the Lord weep in the house of the Lord.

If we do then will the Lord be jealous for this land and take pity on His people. Then He will send us grain, new wine and oil, enough to satisfy you fully; never again will He make us an object of scorn to the nations.

If you believe with all your hear that the Lord is speaking to you in this article, pleases e-mail me at [email protected] or call me , at             408-833 6456       / 650 2245152, I will be glad to pray with you in agreement to allow our Father to bring change into your life. Even better, come to our next breakfast meeting scheduled for the 12th of January, out very first meeting of the year.

By Evangelist Isabella Mwango

The danger of selective hearing: The Spirit of the Lord is speaking

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