Diaspora Kenyan is Co-Founder of innovative technological Company Nano

Diaspora Kenyan is Co-Founder of innovative technological Company NanoDiaspora Kenyan is Co-Founder of  innovative technological Company NanoInvisible nano liquid coating protects mobile phone screens better than any other screen protector, and is now available as a business venture. – Jacksonville, FL. The New Nano Coating Innovation Offers Profitable Income Generating Business Opportunity.
The newly launched Nano Liquid Coating Machine kit is an innovative technological solution that protects mobile phone screens cracking, shattering or getting cratches with an invisible nano coating that provides 600% more hardness than most other screen protectors. This liquid glass screen protector, which is made from a Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) compound, adds increased protection and fortification, and has a 9H rating for surface hardness. It also provides anti-glare brilliance in HD clarity and it is resistant to oil, grease and dirt stains.
“It’s an amazing product,” says company co-founder, Martin Kabaki. “Once applied, your mobile phone screen will never scratch or crack.” The Nano Liquid Coating Machine kit is now available as a money-making business venture.
The device, which comes with an initial set of supplies sufficient to nano-coat 200 phones, can be purchased for $300 on https://nanoliquidcoatingmachine.com/ And according to Kabaki, the going rate for a nano coating service on a mobile phone is $20, meaning that investors can make $4000 from their original $300 investment.
Kabaki adds that this is the perfect business opportunity for mobile phone repair shop owners, college students – who can offer this service for other students right at the dorm – or just regular business-minded people looking to start a highly profitable small business. It is also a perfect mall kiosk business. “The unit comes in a turnkey briefcase kit that has enough initial supplies to nano coat 200 phones, and we will always be available once you need more supplies,” says Kabaki.
“And what makes us different from our competition is that our kit comes with not just one but two nano coating devices, which means you are getting two units for the price of one, so two people can start earning money right away.” The coating is easy to apply, never bubbles or peels, and is completely invisible once in place and it does not affect the screen’s sensitivity. It works on any mobile phone screen, and can be used on any glass surface, including tablets, watches, camera lenses and glasses.
Free international shipping is available, and the product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
For more information about this remarkable business opportunity, visit the website at https://nanoliquidcoatingmachine.com


Diaspora Kenyan is Co-Founder of innovative technological Company Nano

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