Immigration Reform as pertains to Kenyans-Join team

In view of the upcoming immigration reform (debate) recently announced by the President, the people of Kenya would like to be represented accurately. It is for this reason that we want to identify with members of the Congressional Black Caucus who may be able to shed light on our situation before congress.
Few Kenyans are coming together to seek audience with the CBC.
The Kenyan immigrant (and by extension African) immigrant, has been excluded from the immigration debate (albeit inadvertently).
The ‘big house’ tends to think that an immigrant (illegal), is one who crossed the physical border of USA, say from Mexico.
We need to let the Congress know that the Kenyan immigrant is different due to the following:
1. They came in with valid passports.
2. Travelled on visas issued by a competent embassy or consulate of the United States of America.
3. They were properly processed at an entry point by immigration and customs officials.
4. They were issued an entry document ie I-94.
For these and other reasons, it is inaccurate to classify the Kenyan illegal immigrant as undocumented.
Every Kenyan who entered the United States via any port of entry, has a file that is full of information.
We will all meet via teleconference this Thursday at 6pm EST on March 18th 2013
Let me know who is ready to go with us to Congress possibly next week Friday for 2 hours, 9-11am, or 10am-12.00.
Thanks to all for standing up for our fellow Kenyans.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any questions you may have.
Evangeline Kirigua. Tel 2404181736.

This is coordinated/facilitated by the Cameroon American Council.

The date is March 8th 2013.

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