Kenya remains calm after historic election


NAIROBI, Kenya, March 10 – Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo says no major incidents were reported across the county after the general election in which Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta emerged victorious.


Kimaiyo says most parts of the country remain peaceful with Kenyans having gone back to their normal lives, “All Kenyans displayed maturity even after the announcement carrying themselves in an orderly and responsible manner.”

Speaking to Capital FM News, Kimaiyo said the calm currently being experienced in the country can be attributed to Kenyans co-operating with the security agents.

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“Kenyans followed my advice by not hanging around polling stations once they cast their votes and went back to their homes to wait for the election results.”

The police chief said he was delighted by the patience Kenyans exercised while on long queues to cast their vote and as they waited for the election results, “Our people turned out to vote and waited on long lines well past mid-night. We did not have problems with them.”

He added that the just concluded general election was historic despite being the most complex following the adoption of a new constitution, it was perhaps the most peaceful the county has enjoyed since independence.

“This election showed that we are reforming. You cannot wish away the perseverance that Kenyans have showed. It was beyond reproach. We have now set a new precedent for the international community,” he said.

Kimaiyo has called on Kenyans to continue with their everyday lives in the same spirit of unity as he continues to institute reforms in the National Police Service in accordance with the constitution.

The over 99,000 officers who were deployed to man the election also received the gratitude of their chief who thanked them for remaining steadfast even after seven of their colleagues were killed by suspected members of the secessionist Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) in the coastal region.

“The few elements that disturbed the peace were dealt with swiftly and there was no stop to the election. My officers continued to carry out their duties in a professional and friendly manner.”

Criminal gangs, Kimaiyo concluded, will continue to be dealt with swiftly with the help of information provided to the police force by a patriotic public.

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