Now CORD Denies Withdrawing Members From House Committees

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) has denied claims that it had withdrawn its members from the already formed House committees.

The leader of Minority in the National Assembly Francis Nyenze said that CORD had not withdrawn its membership from the committees already constituted by the National Assembly as claimed by some reports.

“CORD did not say that it was withdrawing its members from the committees and neither has it said that it is going to withdraw its membership,” said Nyenze.

He clarified that the CORD coalition was categorical that it would not submit membership to the remaining committees.

“What we said – as CORD – is that we are not going to submit memberships in the yet to be constituted committees.”

“However, we are still consulting on the stalemate on the formation of the remaining House committees.”

The statement by Nyenze came amid claims that the CORD coalition had withdrawn all its members from the House Business Committee (HBC) and the Appointments Committee.

The row over control of Parliamentary watchdog committees took another twist on Tuesday after the CORD coalition threatened to withdraw all its members from the already constituted committees.

CORD said that it was withdrawing its members from the Parliamentary Committees already in place after it failed to agree with the Jubilee Alliance over the composition of the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) and Parliamentary Investment committee (PIC).

CORD – which is the minority side in the 11th Parliament – has remained adamant that it should compose the majority in the two committees as well as take the position of the chair in the two watchdog committees.

By Koome Kimonye

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