Photos:Kenyan lady crowned Miss Africa perth in Australia


The winner of 2013 Miss Africa Perth Australia is Sylvia Wamboi Karanja.Sylvia 22, is from Eldoret Kenya and  an Environment and Land conservation Student. She was among many competitors who were lovely, portrayed beauty, class and elegance but Sylvia came top.

Founded by Dr. Casta Tungaraza, Miss Africa Perth, formerly Faces of Africa, is an event that gives young African women an opportunity to showcase African heritage through culture, fashion, traditions, music, art and beauty, it provides a snapshot of cultural and social identities and serves the purpose of strengthening community cohesiveness and promoting cultural understanding, it is a way of infusing these into the wider community and making our presence felt, as Africa.

Miss Africa Australia (Perth) provides mentoring and leadership development support for positive transformation of African girls by encouraging them to be youth Ambassadors and develop effective strategies and tools to get their messages heard, and to be part of the solution to community problems. It is a means through which young people can express their ideas, contribute their expertise and collectively participate in the advancement of our society


Sylvia says that she chose to participate in this year’s Miss Africa Perth because she wanted to challenge herself to try something new and get out of her comfort box. She adds that during the rehearsals conducted by Ms. Mutale Chitolo, she got to learn on how to build her confidence. Other than that she got the opportunity to meet lovely ladies from different African countries and have formed wonderful friendships with them.

Being crowned miss Africa perth come with great responsibility as I also become a youth ambassador for the African youth says Sylvia. It also gave her the honor to travel to Canberra to celebrate 50 years of African union held at the residence of the high commissioner of Botswana, and to represent the young Africans. She is looking forward to a year full of challenges and great opportunities. However she says that she will embrace whatever comes her way with confidence and dignity for she is a Proud African Woman!


Here is the poem that was quoted by several leaders


I am an African

Not because I was born there

But because my heart beats with Africa’s

I am an African

Not because my skin is black

But because my mind is engaged by Africa

I am an African

Not because I live on its soil

But because my soul is at home in Africa


I am an African

For her blue skies take my breath away

and the moving poem…


And my hope for the future is bright

I am an African

For her people greet me as family

And teach me the meaning of community

I am an African

For her wildness quenches my spirit

And brings me closer to the source of life

Her rivers, her lakes, her mountains, her valleys, her deserts, her richness in wealth spirit and in culture


I am an African

Because she is the cradle of our birth

And nurtures an ancient wisdom

I am an African

Because she is the land of yesterday today and tomorrow

And I recognise her gifts as sacred


When Africa weeps for her children


My cheeks are stained with tears

When Africa honours her elders

My head is bowed in respect

When Africa mourns for her victims

of war, hunger and diseases,

My hands are joined in prayer

When Africa celebrates her triumphs

My feet are alive with dancing

yes I Am African, A proud African Woman, Asante (Thank u).


Isaac Kariuki-Diaspora Messenger



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