Government spokesman dismisses online article on Obama snub

Government spokesman Muthui Kariuki has dismissed an article posted yesterday on the Website the Kenyan Daily Post in which he purportedly made comments to the AFP on President Barrack Obama’s visit to Africa.

According to the article by the Daily Post the government spokesman reportedly told AFP that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are building the nation and whether the Obama visits Kenya or not is not a priority of the Jubilee government.

In a statement released today denied making the comments stating that: “ I wish to categorically state that the said comments are imagined and expression of the said ‘writers’ ill-advised creativity.

The AFP has stated as much. I furthermore have not spoken to anyone from the Daily Post and wish to dissociate myself from this kind of yellow journalism. I have a lot of respect for President Obama, and especially given his Kenyan roots.”

He further asked the public to treat the article as fiction. President Obama is scheduled to visit Africa this week. Obama will visit 3 Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania during his tour of the continent.


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