Racism in Kenya: Artcaffe Finally Apologizes Over Racism Allegations


Racism in Kenya: Artcaffe Finally Apologizes Over Racism Allegations

Racism in Kenya: Artcaffe Finally Apologizes Over Racism AllegationsIn an attempt to save its already tarnished image, Artcaffe’s management has come out to offer its apologies to the affected party and put the record straight after yetsterday’s allegations of racism published by Ghafla!. This comes just hours after the Junction Mall branch of the coffee and bakery outlet distanced itself from the racism allegations.

Responding directly to Koki Mutua, the sister of the guy who was allegedly arrested by the diplomatic police for “buying many croissants and FOR BEING BLACK” the management tried to explain that the cafe could not handle “his large order”. The management however remained silent about the racism claims that led Koki’s brother being taken into custody.

Here’s the apology;

“Hello Koki Mutua, sorry for your brothers [brother’s] experience at our Village [Village Market] branch. we do not have preferential treatment to anyone, and we are sorry if your brother felt this way. Our bakery simply could not handle his larger order, because we pre-bake the amounts for each day, but arrangements were made and his order was provided. The requirement to order in advance with our bakery is a policy we maintain with all our customers. We would be happy to meet with you both to speak over this issue in detail. Please contact us at management@artcaffe.co.ke. Please know that you are a highly valued customer. Again, our apologies for the misunderstanding.”-ghafla.co.ke


However, Koki is not satisfied with this explanation because she feels the issue has not been addressed to a conclusive end. Her queries are;

a) Is there a notice at the counter instructing clients to pre-order more than 8 croissants?

b) As a big as the backery is, why does one have to pre-order 8 croissants?

c) What does being BLACK have to do with croissant orders?


Racism in Kenya: Artcaffe Finally Apologizes Over Racism Allegations

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