Sonko Lambasts Kidero Over Scrap Metal Business


The Nairobi County Senator Gidion Mbuvi alias Mike Sonko has told of Governor Dr Evans Kidero over the move to cancel licenses for scrap metal dealers.

Sonko says that Kidero has no powers or moral authority to cancel the licenses as this is not the solution to vandalism.

“The Governor has no right, power or authority to cancel licenses for the scrap metal traders,” said Sonko.

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“This will not end vandalism but will render them jobless prompting them to use other ways to conduct the same business and this might be lethal.”

The outspoken Sonko accuses the Governor of being unreasonable and arrogant.

“It was a very unreasoned and arrogant move that will not go down well with these traders and leaders in the region who are struggling to create jobs for millions of unemployed Kenyans.”

Sonko said, “The Governor should not punish innocent industrialists who are the major tax payers.”

“Cancelling of scrap metal licenses means a closure of 267 companies with a total capacity of over 10, 000 youths.”

Sonko claims that the working relationship between different County offices in Nairobi is wanting as it is difficult to access the Governor.

“Dr Kidero is not easily accessible even by myself. In fact, it is easier to access the President than access him,” claimed Sonko adding that “I do call the President and he responds to my calls but the Nairobi Governor cannot pick or respond to my calls.”

Sonko accused Kidero of plotting raise rent of City Council of Nairobi residential houses in parts of Eastlands, Jericho, Mbotela, Woodley and South B estates.

“How can he raise rent by 100% in such areas? I want to assure the people of Nairobi that this will not work no matter how hard he pushes the agenda,” stated Sonko.

The outspoken Senator said that the city residents must be treated with decency and must be consulted every time such a critical decision has to be made as these decisions will greatly affect


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