Kenyan Pastor stopped from leaving for the US

A Kenyan pastor based at the US has been barred by court from leaving the country until an upkeep case lodged by his estranged wife is heard.

Kiambu magistrate C Oluoch has ordered the immigration services department to ensure pastor Bebson Kamau Kimani does not leave the country until the case lodged by his wife of 17 years is heard.

The magistrate has ordered the Officer Commanding the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to ensure the preacher does not leave the country.

In the case, Susan Nyambia  want the court to compel the US preacher to pay her maintenance arrears for her and their two children or deposit in court Sh5 million before he can be allowed to go back to the US.

She says they formally married in Kiambu in 1996 but the preacher left the country two years later, leaving her with a one-year-old baby boy at a rental house in Kiambu.

The woman, a primary school teacher, says the man used to send her Sh10,000 until September 1998, when he walked out of their lives after they got a second child.

She says since then, she has spent a lot on the children’s upkeep, shelter, school fees and utility bills.

Nyambia says Kamau is a wealthy pastor who is capable of paying his share of parental responsibility to secure the future of the teenagers.

She says  her alleged husband had violated his children’s fundamental rights that are protected by the constitution by deliberately severing all communication and exposing them to mental disturbance.


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