Police in Madrid, Spain stop Kenyan pupils from helping beggars on the streets

There was drama in old town of Madrid in Spain when police officers thwarted beggars seeking to benefit from Kenyan students.

Uniformed officers and patrol cars surrounded the area as students and tourists who had gone there for an organized soccer tour. Attempts by philanthropic Kenyans to reach out to beggars was halted shortly after the officers issued veiled warnings against offering freebies along Madrid.

Some officers demanded certification from beggars warranting begging on the street. Teachers and the hosts momentarily shielded the children off the beggars even as they kept pursuing them in numbers with bowls. Raira Group of Schools team leader, Naomi Mbugua, quickly intervened as innocent pupils continued extending help to Madrid beggars.

“Let us be careful here and you must all be in one group,” warned Ms Naomi to pupils who had flocked a section of street. Tourists walking by were agape on seeing Kenyans handing help to locals. Several students offered monetary support to one of the oldest woman, visibly at her sunset age.

Old town of Madrid is most popular tourist destination but cases of street crime are rife. However, there were no incidents involving Kenyan students who later visited the Queens Palace in Spain.


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