Word of the Day:You Are Priceless


There was once a man who visited his friends for dinner a few years ago in their home. He noticed some paintings on the wall and he felt like they weren’t so impressive. “Some of them look like they had been painted by a child” he thought. They were abstract and modern, and it appeared like paint had just been thrown here and there.

Later that evening, his friend the owner of that home, mentioned how he had paid over a million dollars for just one of those paintings. He even looked at it again and thought, “Wow! That is beautiful, isn’t it?”

The invited friend found out it was an original, painted by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. What dawned on him that night was not so much what the painting looked like, but rather who the artist was. A painting gets its value from its creator. In the same way, your value doesn’t come from what you look like, what you do or who you know. You are a masterpiece! Your value comes from the fact that Almighty God created you. You are priceless!

” I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ”
Psalm 139:14


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