Queen’s night in Lancaster PA Oct 25th 2013


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We are delighted to hold our first Queen’s night in Lancaster PA.  It is also the first queen’s night in the state of PA. Queens’ Night Ministry was birthed some 5 years ago by a Kenyan Pastor, Joan Mwangangi with a vision to empower women in a unique way. Women set aside one night a year to get together in their City and celebrate their womanhood but most of all, to pamper themselves by dressing up in style and elegance to meet their King Jesus on the throne. Feeling free and enjoying the moment.  They are on top of the world.  All burdens are laid at the foot of Jesus and women are set free never to feel inadequate or unattractive.  Every woman is beautiful; destroying what the world may label you regarding your physical looks.  On Queens Night every woman is the apple of God’s eye. She feels and IS beautiful, wonderful, fearfully made.  No more self doubt or insecurity.  She meets other queens and mingles in fellowship as she builds lasting memories & relationships. The queen is served dinner in an uplifting praise/worship music atmosphere. Fed exemplary, empowering, inspiring words by formidable speakers with different topics touching on the issues we encounter in life to overcome strongholds of the enemy. Queens’s Night has successfully been held in cities like Kansas, Seattle, Boston, Newark DE, Baltimore, London UK, Nairobi Kenya, etc. Women always look forward to the next queens Night. We are looking forward to seeing each and every over 16 year old woman that you know. And don’t forget queen’s night is NOT limited to Kenyans only. We stress and encourage that ALL women feel welcome. You will be happy you made the choice to attend. See you at LANCASTER HOST RESORT & CONFERENCE CENTER at 6pm on Friday October 25. Details in the attached flyer. Any questions contact: Helen Nthambiri ,717.471.9190: Email helen5series@gmail.com Alice Kimami   717.424.3167 Catherine Sakuda 717.519.7486

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