Diaspora Skills Initiative: Mama Happyness Campaign

Diaspora Skills Initiative: Mama Happyness Campaign
Diaspora Skills Initiative: Mama Happyness Campaign

Kenyans can be found all over the globe, with particularly strong concentrations in the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, Australia, and Dubai in the UAE. Estimates put the number at over 3 million.

The World Bank estimates that in 2011 around 5% of Kenya’s GDP came into the banking system from those in the Diaspora. This figure does not include the very considerable amount of money sent back through other means such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

Many of these expatriate Kenyans left in search of a better life for themselves and their children, others took advantage of opportunities for education. Through hard work and a determination to prosper, these expatriates have acquired a good deal of experience and expertise along the way.

MamaHappyness.com wants to recognise these achievements and to participate with like-minded Kenyans to bring skills and experience back to Kenya through charitable activities in addition to entrepreneurial enterprises. Africa in general and Kenya in particular is fast rising as a land of economic opportunity. We who are in the Diaspora have so much we can give in aid of this positive momentum. Investments and business start-ups back home by returning expats are already taking off, and this is to be supported.

We should also think of how we can make a difference in the lives of the residents of Kenya through passing on our expertise and knowledge in a freely given manner.

If you would like to join with Mama Happyness in the campaign to bring skills from the Diaspora back home to Kenya, please contact us through the email below. This is not a plea for funds, this is asking for you to participate in workshops, talks or through other means at your own expense.

Many in the Diaspora do visit home regularly and we can use these trips to spend at least a little time in helping spread our expertise and encouragement to receptive Kenyans looking for ways to improve their lives and careers.

Please do listen to your heart and contact [email protected] You can help far more than you realise! More info on http://mamahappyness.com/kenyans-in-diaspora.html and if you like our work, please spread the word! Facebook likes appreciated!


Diaspora Skills Initiative: Mama Happyness Campaign

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