I Oppose Commission Of Inquiry Into Westgate Massacre

I vehemently oppose President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to institute a commission of inquiry into the west gate mall massacre. History shows us Kenyan presidential commissions of inquiries are instituted to cover up the real issues, reward cronies, extort money from the public and protect real culprits.

A few compelling examples suffice, namely; Commission of inquiry into the death of JM Kariuki, Commission of inquiry into mysterious disappearance and death of the late cabinet minister Dr. Robert Ouko, Goldenberg commission of inquiry into the loss of billions of public money and Ndung’u Land Commission of inquiry into land historical injustices.

Other infamous commissions which were formed to inquire lapses in our systems include Kiruki commission of inquiry into mercenary activities in connection with the Artur Brothers, Waki commission of inquiry into post-election violence, Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission of inquiry into Kenya’s darkest past, commission of inquiry into the Baragoi and Tana River Massacres et al.

All these commissions unearthed crucial information. Names of culpable individuals were named. Evidence against wrong doing was adduced. Sadly, nothing tangible came out of it. To date nobody has ever been prosecuted. Our systems remain corrupt, inefficient and deeply rooted in the culture of impunity.

Instead of healing and transforming Kenya, the aforementioned commissions of inquiries inflicted deeper wounds and depleted our fragile economy. Kenyans were left poorer after spending billions of shillings to pay commissioners. This money should have been invested in infrastructure, equipping hospitals and school, and investing into economic activities that can create employment opportunities.

Commissions of inquiries have failed us. Instead of forming more commissions to unearth the obvious, President Uhuru Kenyatta should implement findings of the past commissions. Otherwise findings by the west gate commission of inquiry will be swept under the carpet as well.

By Jacktone Ambuka, a Kenyan residing at State College Pennsylvania USA. You can reach me by email [email protected],

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