Guest House Force Customers to Swear For Lodging Room


‘I Swear This Is My Spouse’.

The holy book or the bible is mostly used during the swearing in ceremonies or during church services, so it is unusual to find customers being sworn in while booking rooms at lodgings or guest houses.

But this is exactly what happens at Bethel Christian Guest House, one of the guest houses in Othaya town, Nyeri County.


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As many businessmen in town struggle to attract as many clients as possible in order to make profit, at Bethel its not business as usual as not all customers are allowed here.


Here, you have to swear using the bible that the person accompanying you is your wife or your husband.


Peter Muchiri, the proprietor, has kept his business as a married couples only  lodging.


To prove, they are legally married, a couple must produce their marriage certificates and swear using the bible in order to be allowed in.


Muchiri, a staunch Christian says he has kept the rules at his guest house to fight immorality ignoring the money factor unlike his colleagues.


Only married couples are allowed or single persons who are not drunk and who do not smoke.


One has to also undergo vigorous vetting and the documents have to prove that one is married and must be scrutinized thoroughly to ensure that there is no cheating.


Muchiri says that initially, he wanted to share with the Lord’s people who are in need and practice hospitality as the bible says.


The rooms are also labeled according to the books of the bible including Acts, Corinthians, Elijah and Galatians among others.


No bookings are done after 11PM.


The lodging,which was started in 2012, has surprisingly been a center of attraction with visitors coming from as far as Dubai, India and Uganda among other countries.


Muchiri together with his wife Nelius Muthoni now plan to open similar guest houses in other towns with similar rules and regulations.

By Wangui Ngechu


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