Ignore not small things/issues

Whatever people regard as insignificant or small things/issues should never be ignored. Why? Such so regarded as small/insignificant issues/things with time translate into huge mountains. So, who should be careful or take note?

  1. If there are any small issues in a marriage relationship, they sure need to be attended to or else they will lead into more unpleasant issues
  2. If there are issues at any church/congregation, they need to be addressed. Praying about such issues is a good idea but some of them need to be addressed/discussed
  3. If there are any issues of concern in any community, they need to be attended rather than being ignored
  4. If business partners have any little/small concerns, they need to be addressed
  5. Any Government should never ignore issues raised by her citizen. A little bit here and there un attended leads to more complicated issues   -pastorbirai.com/

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