Kenyan Pastor Arrested In UK For Selling Bogus Cure To Covid-19


Kenyan Pastor Arrested In UK For Selling Bogus Cure To Covid-19

A Kenyan Pastor in the UK Bishop Climate Wiseman was on Monday arraigned in a UK court on charges of selling an oil that allegedly cures Covid-19.

Bishop Climate Wiseman, the head of  Kingdom Church in South London, was charged for fraud and unfair trading offense for selling the oil for Ksh 11,000 claiming it can cure and prevent coronavirus.

The charges allege Wiseman, 46, claimed the concoction advertised as “Divine Cleansing Oil” or as part of a “Divine Plague Prevention Kit” could be used to “treat, prevent, protect against or cure” coronavirus.

According to Court, Wiseman claims the oil, which is a mixture of cedarwood and hyssop, had cured 10 people so far.

The bishop last year claimed that he had sold about 1000 kits in an interview.

“It is by faith that you can be saved from the coronavirus pandemic by covering yourself with the divine plague protection oil and wearing the scarlet yarn on your body,” he wrote on his website, which has since been deactivated following criticism.

“That is why I want to encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to get your divine plague protection kit today!”

According to, the charges involved selling a cure for coronavirus which would not work and that there was a ‘risk of death and harm’ to people who bought the oil believing it would help save them.

Maeve Thornton, defending, said the case involved the freedom to practise religion.

The bench of magistrates, chaired by Derek Cock, decided the case was not suitable for them to try and sent it to Inner London Crown Court, where Wiseman is next expected to appear on September 13.



Kenyan Pastor Arrested In UK For Selling Bogus Cure To Covid-19

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