Kenyan MP Accused of Growing Bhang in Kileleshwa

In a shocking incident, Police were tipped that Honourable Charles Nyamai, the Member of Parliament for Kitui Rural is growing bhang at his Nairobi home in Kileleshwa. They went to the scene and allegedly uprooted five sacks of weed and taken to Kileleshwa Police station.

Police are not sure whether the plant is weed or not and have sent it to the Government Chemist for testing and determination. One wonders, how is it possible that police cannot identify weed while they arrest hundreds of youth daily for possession of weed?

According to Standard Digital, Honourable Charles Nyamai claims he is not aware of the incident. With the available information, this is a case that can go either way given that they Police are not certain what the substance is.

However, this is a case that is expected to draw a lot of public attention because the number of weed smokers is at an all time high. In backyards, institutions, public events and clubs members of public smoke weed with reckless abandon. The unlucky ones have had to bribe their way from police with a few being booked and having their day in court with punitive sentences or fines meted on them.

On the other hand, it could be the Wiper Democratic Movement MPs detractors who are out to finish him politically. However, the MP has been docked by cases the most recent being one in which he acquitted for threatening a catholic priest and another that he is accused of assaulting his constituent.

Honourable Charles Nyamai is serving his second term in Parliament having won against Honourable Nyiva Mwendwa in controversial circumstances in 2007. At the time, he was aligned Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu’s National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) and he was announced the winner after a scuffle ensued in which it is reported that the returning officer was punched. The MP has since switched sides and is now serving his current term as a Wiper Democratic Movement MP.

We will keenly follow up this matter for you to see how police will deal with a case “being in possession of weed” that involves a honourable member of the


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