Of useless Kenyan men and crazy women


You have probably heard it play like a stuck CD, “Kenyan men are useless”. The complainant is typically, an angry Kenyan woman, single or separated with child who has tales of grief to share.

If she had the time, she would probably put it all down into a power point presentation and print out warning flyers to spare the young women the tribulations of her relationship journey with the useless local specimen.

The Kenyan man is struggling to meet the new expectations. The perquisite traits of a good man appear out of reach.  Unfortunately, more often than not a spouse suffers from delusion.

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The condition is accelerated when a spouse gets sucked into competing with toxic friends. The otherwise ‘okay’ hubby becomes quite useless for show. The basic female expectation of a normal guy is one who has a decent job, looks out for his family and respects his wife. Then a normal guy comes along and complains that he just too plain and boring. She wants him to be a Romeo who will make her friends envious.

Men start out okay but they soon fall short and forced to keep up with the Kardashians. The man feels neglected, seeks advice from his mates at the bar, and they promptly recommend a mistress to distract him from the tension at home. The line between okay and useless is very blurry and men find themselves on the other side quite unexpectedly. On the other hand, Kenyan men just think women are crazy.

When a man cannot make sense of a spouse’s behavior patterns, which are characterised by deep sense of dissatisfaction, he sums it up as, “she got a bit crazy”. Modern day relationship compromise oscillates between accepting uselessness and showing understanding around craziness.  It is the game one must pay for the illusion of normalcy.



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