Video:Kenyan TV show imagines European refugees fleeing to Africa in 2062

European RefugeesVery funny and interesting,can you imagine mzungus going to Africa as Refugees?.

Kenyan TV series Usoni plans to flip the script on immigration stories by imagining a future in which the sun is no longer visible in most parts of the world, leaving Africa as the sole oasis of sunshine.

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Created by Dr. Marc Rigaudis, produced by Denver Ochieng, and directed by Cherie Lindiwe of the United States International University, Usoni is meant to examine immigration issues and challenge outside views of African nations as poverty-stricken. Talking to Tech Moran, Ochieng explains:

Usoni is actually a series focusing on the travel of a couple from the natural disaster stricken Europe to now the now illustrious Africa in 2062. It is a story which focuses on the immigration hurdles of Africans to Europe and looks at how it would be if the reverse were to happen.

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