War on graft is a blessing to Kenyans.

Isaac Kinity

Thanks President Uhuru Kenyatta for declaring war on corruption which has ruined the lives of many Kenyans, caused many deaths of innocent Kenyans and raised unemployment rate to unbelievable levels in Kenya. Let us call a spade a spade by applauding what is good and by condemning what is bad. Only an insane individual would not see the positive side of President Uhuru  Kenyatta’s  declaration of war on  rampant corruption in Kenya.  I thank President Kenyatta for this declaration and I hope all Kenyans of good will will applaud and thank him as well. Patriotic Kenyans should encourage and support President Uhuru Kenyatta in this noble crusade to fight corruption.

But I want to let President Uhuru Kenyatta know that Corruption in Kenya cannot be eradicated in theory.  It can only be practically destroyed.  The President has to put his theory of fighting graft into practice in order to prove himself to those who doubt him.  Previous theories and slogans of ending corruption have been used to gain political mileage in order to win elections. In some instances the same theories have successfully  been used previously,  to win favors and confidence from the International community. I hope President Uhuru Kenyatta is not  using this declaration  to win such favors and confidence.  We look forward to see the President act.

By Isaac Newton Kinity.
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