Stop meddling in Kenya, Raila tells Museveni

FORMER Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga has sent stern warning to Uganda’s head of state Yoweri Museveni to stop meddling in Kenya’s affairs.

Raila was reacting to Museveni’s remarks at the [email protected] celebrations.

The Cord leader said Kenya should be left to manage its own affairs independently as a sovereign state.

Museveni lashed out at Western nations during celebrations to mark Kenya’s 50 years of independence.

He accused them of undermining the sovereignty of African states.

Museveni made reference to a letter written by 53 members of the African Union expressing discontent over the International Criminal Court targeting Africa and especially President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

“We are celebrating 50 years of independence but there is still danger. Our sovereignty is being undermined,” he said.

Museveni said African states have already expressed discontent especially over the Kenyan ICC cases.

“Led by our chair here, we sent a letter to some people. One hundred million people wrote a letter… we said, leave Kenya alone. Some people said that did not concern them and asked us ‘who are you?’” Museveni said.

Yesterday, Raila said other African leaders should not sabotage how Kenya is governed.

The former Prime Minister was speaking at a function to commemorate the death former Westlands MP Fred Gumo’s parents at Namalo village in Bunyala, Busia county.

He said Museveni’s speech was aimed at damaging Kenya’s relationship with the The Hague.

“Museveni has failed to recognise the role the freedom fighters had played to liberate Kenya from the colonial yoke. It is high time he stopped meddling in the affairs of Kenya as a sovereign and we are not going to sit back and watch him behaving the way he is doing,” warned Raila.

“Uhuru should strive to put effective economic measures in place aimed at improving the livelihoods of poor Kenyans hence liberating them from poverty, instead of boasting that he will rule Kenya for the next 20 years.”

Raila said the 15 per cent budget allocation for counties is too little.

he said there is an urgent need to raise the budget to 45 per cent to enable the counties to develop.

Funyula MP Paul Otuoma said the former PM needs recognition because he has tirelessly fought for the rights of Kenyans.

He said those who are fighting devolution are now reaping the fruits others’ sweat.

“Those out to kill devolution should know that devolution was meant to bring services closer to the people at the grassroots level,” Otuoma said.

He called on leaders to be careful when forming alliances lest they lose track.

Otuoma said Cord will continue to fight for the rights of Kenyans.

Busia Senator Amos Wako, his Siaya counterpart and other leaders attended the occasion.


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