Higher standards for Self, Reasonable expectations of others

Higher standards for Self, Reasonable expectations of others
Higher standards for Self, Reasonable expectations of others

Have you ever gone to a prestigious facility only to leave feeling let down by the quality of their service? Or perhaps you trusted a respectable organization because of their standards, only to have inappropriate treatment while there.

Or maybe you have been kept in queue for hours and deep down, you were disappointed by the inefficiency and incompetence of the service providers.

We have very high expectations of all that surround us and want to be served efficiently, we want our time to be maximized and not wasted on queues.

The unfortunate reality however is that we demand excellence and good service from others, but ourselves. On the contrary, we should hold ourselves to even higher standards.

The same is true of our dreams and goals: we must give them our all to realize them. Our dreams also hold high expectations of us.

If they could talk, they would regrettably share their disappointment in us. The time we do not want to be wasted when being served by others is the time we enjoy squandering, doing nothing, and procrastinating.

Isn’t it interesting how unaware and unconcerned we appear to be when it comes to the time we waste and allow to pass by? When you reflect and ask yourself, “What have I done with my time?” you realize you haven’t accomplished much but you will be keen on noticing every minute that gets wasted away when it comes to other people.

It is time we started holding ourselves to the same standards we expect of others and even raising the bar higher by surpassing what our dreams ask of us.

Do you want to be attended to with all attention and no distraction? Treat your aspirations and goals with the same attention.

Would you desire to be held in the highest regard? Translate the same to your goals and give them significance, make them matter. You don’t like it when people waste your time? Then make the most of your time also, by focusing on the important things and eliminating distractions.

We want everything on the outside to work flawlessly, but on the other hand, leave our potential untapped.

This is a call for us to work on ourselves with unwavering dedication and address the things that are preventing us from moving forward. In so doing, we will be better, our perceptions will improve, and our expectations of others be reasonable.

Impossible is Nothing!

By Liz Ekakoro Bore:Diaspora Messenger Contributor



Higher standards for Self, Reasonable expectations of others

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