Former Kitui MP Munyasia Passes On in Hospital


Permenus Nzilu MunyasiaFormer Kitui West Member of Parliament Permenus Nzilu Munyasia has died after a long illness. Munyasia passed on yesterday at the Coptic Hospital Nairobi where has had been hospitalised. One of his sons, David Nzilu said the aging politician suffered cancer and diabetes which led to amputation of one of his legs.
Munyasia was born in 1921 and entered politics in 1962 when he  became the first Kitui Senator during the founding father of the nation the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s regime. He represented Kitui West Constituency  between 1969 and1974 but lost the seat to Winfred Nyiva Mwendwa in 1979.

He recaptured the seat in 1984 elections  but lost it to Kenya’s first African Chief Justice the late Kitili Mwendwa following a petition filed by a voter. The last time Munyasia appeared in public was last month when former legislators from Ukambani  and members of Kamba Council of Elders visited him in his Matinyani rural home, six kilometres from Kitui town.

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Former Kitui MP Munyasia Passes On in Hospital

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