Another woman demand Marende to pay child fees

Another woman has emerged asking former Speaker Kenneth Marende to pay upkeep and school fees for her daughter. Rachel Olubero on Saturday told the Star that she wants Marende to honour a court order issued in 2011 ordering him to pay school fees and other utility bills for a girl he sired with her 10 years ago.

This comes only two days after a court ordered Marende to pay Sh457,000 upkeep for a girl he sired four years ago. The court ordered him to pay the money pending the hearing of the case on Wednesday.

Marende was also ordered to pay rent for the house where the child lives with her mother Jennifer Nkowua. Olubero said her daughter risks dropping out of school since her father has not paid school fees.

The woman, who lives in Lavington, showed the Star a letter from Rusinga School reminding Marende to pay the fees.She said Marende’s payments are erratic.

Olubero said the former Speaker also settles medical bills, which sometimes run into arrears. “Four weeks into the term you have not paid anything towards your school fees account. We are kindly requesting that you settle the above amount of Sh211,850 failure to which your child will be required to stay away from school effective Thursday January 30 until the account is settled in full,” reads the letter from the school. Olubero said the letter is the second reminder but the school has never sent away “Marende’s daughter because of the respect they have for him”.

“This is to remind you that your school fees account is still outstanding despite many reminders. We are kindly requesting that you settle the amount immediately,” reads another letter from the school.

The child’s birth certificate indicates she was born on october 19, 2003 at Nairobi Hospital. Her father’s name is en- tered as Kenneth Otiato Marende. Plubero, a reproductive health consultant, said she comes from Ebusakami in Maseno and is in her 30s.

She said she met Marende in Mombasa in 2001 during the Bunyore Welfare Association meeting just after graduating from nursing school. Olubero said by then, Marende had separated with his wife Lavender. She died in 2005.

She said they got married in 2002 under the Bunyore customary law and the child was named after Marende’s sister. “We married in 2002 under the Bunyore customary law. However, we only lived together for five months after he became Speaker in 2008.”


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