Do You Approve Miley Cyrus Visit To Kenya???


American controversial music star Miley Cyrus has expressed her desire to come to Kenya.

Speaking during an interview with WMagazine’s Ronan Farrow, Miley said that Kenya is her dream; her ‘total dream’.

“I want to go to Kenya,Kenya’s my dream. Kenya is my total dream. I wish I wasn’t going to be in Minneapolis next week, I wish I could be in Kenya,” she reportedly said.

In the interview, she also revealed that she did not like how the modern children behaved terming them as ‘mean’claiming that when she was young had she talked to her parents the way today’s children talked to theirs she would have never been afforded many of the luxuries.

Her new image and ratchet behaviour she claims is just staged, she wants to pass a message to the younger generation that they don’t have to ape other people and that it is okey to have your own outstanding identity.

Miley’s intentions sound good enough but we are uncertain that her fans; especially the mature crowd, get her point of view as a role model for their children:- she did make twerking rather famous.

Regarding her visiting Kenya, we are not certain that will happen any time soon as she is scheduled for a tour all over America and Europe starting mid-February Still, can the Kenyan promoters make this happen?

That remains to be seen.

On that note though, if she did make it to Kenya, would you attend her concert?

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