Planned Demonstrations against Uhuru in USA by some Kenyans.

Planned Demonstrations against Uhuru in USA by some Kenyans.
Planned Demonstrations against Uhuru in USA by some Kenyans.

Kenyans in the USA, woke up yesterday to the propaganda that a Group calling its self, Kenyans Against Uhuru; are recruiting Kenyans in California, New York, Denver, Georgia, and Illinois to demonstrate Against the invitation of The President and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya Defense Forces,  his excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to The White House.

After an emergency teleconference, attended by hundreds of KDCF members, and other patriotic Kenyans based in several states, it was discovered that a few disgruntled elements are clandestinely scheming to embarrass themselves with a demonstration orchestrated by some ODM officials and Civil societies based Kenya.

Kenyans concluded that such demonstrations would be ignominious. Insignificant and overwhelmingly over shadowed by hundreds of thousands of Patriotic Kenyans who are in support of the President’s visit to USA.

Kenya Diaspora Consultative Forum (KDCF) wish to take this early opportunity to reassure all Kenyans in the Diaspora and those in our Mother Land that President Uhuru and His entourage, will receive a very warm reception here in the USA.

Kenya is currently the single most important strategic partner of the USA in Africa, after the fall Egypt. It’s instructive to note that greedy NGO’s and retrogressive civil societies are central in all the chaos bedeviling several democracies around the world because of greed.


KDCF and other Kenyans noted the many fundamental changes that have been realized in Kenya in recent years. This has created unprecedented democratic space unequaled elsewhere in Africa. We ask all Kenyans with genuine concerns to employ the use of these institutions, such as the reformed judiciary, Senate, Parliament, and several others. Some that are in hands of the ever whining Opposition.

There comes a time that a nation must grow out of Violence, rhetoric and propaganda. Insults and stone throwing must be phased out of our body politics, we must replace this retrogressive culture with dialogue and the use of judicial processes.


Saboteurs of the Jubilee Government using the lame excuse that Uhuru is an ICC inductee must now stop. Kenyans know the case is collapsing fast, it’s no more a case of if it will collapse, but how soon. We must allow the Jubilee Government exercise their constitutional mandate of leadership.

Not only will Uhuru, Ruto and Sang be acquitted, but evidence emerging indicate that several others, including those who perpetuated the 41 against 1 edict; the source of Violence, are currently the center of renewed ICC investigation.

Our commitment to Kenya, based on our patriotism, and resources and numerical strength is to promote harmony among Kenyans in the Diaspora, and to strengthened bilateral relationship between our Host Country and Kenya.

We will not seat and watch a few disgruntled perpetual complainers tarnish the image of our Country and destroy the newly improved relations between Kenya and the USA. The leadership of Kenya Diaspora Consultative Forum, (KDCF), led by the executive Chair Mr. John Kamau of Arizona.

Officials of KDCF, Charles Maduma of Arizona, Mutuma Muthee and Jaylene Mwende of Georgia, Jackie Cathy and Omoi kiplangat, of Maryland, Alex and Professor Thaituru of North Carolina, Karuga, from Texas, Peter Gachuri,from Missouri, Gatonye, from Indiana, Mama Esther and Mr. Muigai From California. And others confirm those few ODM activists who are being bankrolled by greedy leaders based in Kenya, and some civil societies must be held directly accountable for their actions, if they continue to destroy the Country’s image.

By John




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Planned Demonstrations against Uhuru in USA by some Kenyans.

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