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Teacher WanjikuSince the show first premiered on Kenya’s most popular TV, it has been receiving very negative reviews left right and centre. Kenyans can be harsh sometimes especially the ones on social media. Most people found it too boring and the concept made most Kenyans sick.

It seems like the Citizen TV management team has not been taking these reviews for granted. They have started by pulling the show off the prime time slot! When contacted, this is what one of the insiders had to say; “It’s good to be honest and bold. We saw the reaction and decided to be honest. The show needs to be reworked. It was given back to the producers and they were asked to return the show to it’s original format.”
The source further adds; “Even Piers Morgan was taken off air when it was realized that things weren’t working. Regardless of the best of intentions, when things aren’t working, they just aren’t.”
Whaaat! Have Kenyans cost Teacher Wanjiku her job? That’s a story for another day..

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