Obama being a typical Kenyan politician, blows hot and cold


President Obama, like most Kenyan politicians, loves beating about the bush and avoiding the real issue. In Kenya, we all know the big problem is corruption, but we are addressing virtually everything else but corruption.

And so in America, our cousin President Obama dances around serious issues like the typical Kenyan he is. When Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, Obama thundered with indignation and a fulsome, righteous — and justified — anger.

The people of Georgia thought he would follow through on his fiery words with real action to set their country free of Russia’s torment, but wapi! With Cousin Barry, as with your Kenyan politician, words are as far as he goes: Russia kept the bits of Georgia it wanted, and that was it.

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Obama even went ahead to give a tacit okay for US teams to participate in the Winter Olympics in Russia, and Russia was invited to the G8, the Group of eight rich countries that determine so much world policy, and of which America is the leader.

MURDEROUS The Chinese were watching, and once they saw that cousin Barry was all hat and no cattle, they, too, played their hand, bossing the South China Sea and forcing American allies to conform to ever-changing Chinese demands in the region.

A Chinese naval ship even rammed an American warship in the region. Obama reacted by borrowing ever more money from China to fund America’s yawning budget deficit. In the Middle East, Iran continued its obscurantism on its nuclear programme, and continued propping up the murderous Assad regime in Syria. Obama rewarded them by suspending sanctions on Iran — and giving Assad time to kill yet more people. The message from Washington these days seems to be: Find an enemy of America or of the West, and Obama will reward them. That appeasement will, as always, backfire for Obama.

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