Word of the Day:Live for Christ


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We all have great expectations ranging from the desire for things to work out to expecting people to be nice to us, having good health, faithful friends, and great marriages to successful careers. But what happens when life doesn’t live up to our expectations?

Paul went through such a season. In fact he was in prison when he faced broken expectations but he faced it with a positive outlook! When we get stuck in a tough friendship or an unrewarding job it is easy to get discouraged but we should develop Paul’s attitude of joy.

Maybe people haven’t lived up to our expectations, or you may have lost a job or undergoing a health crisis however, we need to be joyful at all seasons. Paul who was in prison when he said this words. ‘To live is Christ’ was wonderfully positive. Whatever you are going through today, adopt Paul’s greatest expectation, for Christ to be honored no matter what!

Philippians 1:21 “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”-FamilyTV


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