Njeri Mucheru in the news again, says she is on her own.


Njeri Mucheru in the news again, says she is on her own.

Njeri Mucheru in the news again, says she is on her own.This week I have been busy buying stuff for moving into my new house. God has provided enough for our needs. When I asked my husband to give me money to furnish the house that I had bought for me and the children to live in, his response was that when I moved out of our house I should have known where I was going. He went further to say that he is not a billionaire and paying school fees for the children had drained his resources.

I did not fight him on the matter even though the year before, after I had found out about his infidelity, I spent a substantial amount of money re-furbishing our five-bedroom house which he is now living in all by himself. The reason I decided to re-furbish the house is that I wanted us to have a fresh start and I thought that a new look to our home would give us that feeling that the past is behind us, and we are moving into a new era of monogamous love between a man and his wife. Since then, I prayed to God to give me a fresh start.

In the beginning the fresh start I was referring to include my husband but after my second hospitalization with depression, I wanted a fresh start on my own. God has answered my prayers. I have the fresh start I prayed for, and I feel wonderful. It intrigues me just how exciting my life has become now that I am single. I’m not yet divorced but that is just a matter of time.

In due course, after I have settled down, I will make the move. I am not planning on getting into a serious relationship soon. I have given myself five years to enjoy singlehood. I believe that I am much happier alone than with someone. I enjoy doing things by myself and only having God to account to. God is a very strict husband, but He loves me dearly, enough that He died for me, and so I am happy to please Him.

These days I go for women’s prayers at our church, Calvary Worship Centre, along Riara Road. The prayers are on Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm. I started going because I felt that my prayer life needed a boost. Also, I go for golf practice with my daughter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I used to go for midweek service on Wednesdays and decided to switch to the women’s prayers on Tuesdays so that I could go golfing. I believe that going to church on Sunday alone is not enough.

In this day and age of temptation and strife, one needs to be in the midst of fellow Christians and God at least three times a week. Of course, this is only for those who like me, find comfort and refuge in God. Easter is now around the corner, and I look forward to celebrating it in my home. I am so jazzed about moving. I have definitely over-stayed my welcome at my mum’s and she will be happy to see me settled in my home which she generously paid off for me rendering me mortgage-free.

I plan to move in tomorrow which will be exactly nine months since I moved into my mum’s and out of my husband’s. During those nine months, I have healed and learned a lot about this life. I understand just how uncertain the future is for us all and how misled many of us are as to what controls our lives.

Only God knows when any of us will breathe his/her last breath and the Bible says that Jesus will come back again on a day that only God knows. In the meantime, let us enjoy the blessing of being alive and trust God for our every need. He is faithful and sure to provide for the needs of those who seek first His kingdom and righteousness.





Njeri Mucheru in the news again, says she is on her own.

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