Uganda’s Comedian Kansiime Anne Amazing Photos


Ann Kansiime remains as the top female comedian in East Africa, Her sense of humor has now put her on top when it comes to comedy. Everyone loves everything she does and her personality is pretty awesome too. Ann Kansiime is gifted with no doubt and as wise as she is, she is now using her talent to earn herself a living and at the same time building her own name.

On every episode you have watched her comedy, am sure you notice that she is just casual or “plain” if I may add. But what we didn’t know is that she has a ”hot side” as she describes it. Ann Kansiime is really beautiful whether on makeup or not. I came some flawless pictures of Ann Kansiime, I mean who ever thought this joker would look this hot? Anyway judging a book from it’s cover is a big mistake and kansiime is a living example.

Well her two sides are way different, but ‘ it’s a good thing that she knows how to balance them. Next time you see acting all shady, just remember that she also has a blazing hot side that’s too hot to handle.

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Check out some of her hot pictures below:

Photos: Ann Kansiime Official Facebook Page

Ann Kansiime






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