Kidero loses first round of Nairobi Land case against Sonko


The turf war of control between Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero and Senator Mike Sonko  appear to get tough on the side of the governor when high court ordered Nairobi County not to levy new land rates until Sonko’s objections are heard and determined.

High court judge George Odunga gave the restraining orders and also allowed three Nairobi residents associations to enjoin in the case as interested parties.

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Sonko wants the county government not to increase the rates because it will make landlords increase rents for tenants which will affect many residents of Nairobi. Already, Nairobi sits atop African cities with the dubious distinction of the most expensive city in terms of housing.

“We can’t raise revenue by punishing the people who voted for us. We must protect the interests of the rich & the poor. If land rates are increased by 100% also landlords will increase house rents by 100% hence life will be more expensive to the common mwanainchi. I’m inciting all of the affected landlords not to pay the newly increased rate as it has been stopped by the high court vide the attached court Order ( judicial review case no. 119/2014. My special thanks go to all Nairobi county residents associations including Runda residents association, Lavingtone residents association, Muthaiga residents association, Kenya alliance of residents association, Buru buru residents association, woodley residents association, Karen residents association among other res. associations for enjoining themselves in this case in my support together we stand divided we fall,” said Sonko.

Justice George Odunga on Friday, while extending the orders, clarified that residents will continue paying the old rates of 17 per cent until the dispute is heard and resolved. Sonko accused Dr Kidero of levying taxes through the back-door.

Hearing resumes on July 5.

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