Why Singer Jaguar Declined Kidero’s Youth Advisory Offer?


NAIROBI, KENYA: Flashy and philanthropic award-winning singer Jaguar is a very close friend of Nairobi Senator Gideon Mbuvi aka Sonko and by extension the president who he publicly endorsed during the last political campaigns

Is it his close relationship with Sonko that led him into declining an appointment by Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero?

It all came through a Kenya Gazette notice published on May 9. A lucrative appointment it seemed that was supposed to thrust Jaguar into the mucky political arena, a field the Matapeli and Kigeugeu singer has been rumoured to be positioning himself for.

The Gazette Notice No 3029 announced the appointment of the Nairobi City County Interim Youth Advisory and Resource Mobilisation Board whose principal responsibility is to advice the Nairobi City County on the mainstreaming and inclusion of the youth agenda in the affairs of the county and to propose permanent legal and institutional structure in that regard.

The Sports, Arts and Culture Committee slot, the particular subcommittee in which Jaguar (otherwise known as Charles Njagua Kanyi) was appointed had other big names in the entertainment industry such as comical radio presenter Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o, Daniel Adongo, rapper Collins Majale aka Collo and James Mwangi Mbuoo.

The notice okayed by Governor Evans Kidero on April 17th has it that the board will subsist for twelve months from the date of commissioning.

But mid this week, Jaguar rejected the appointment causing speculations as to whether politics had played a role in his decision. A source close to Jaguar said he had rejected the offer as had not been consulted prior to the appointment.

“I just have so much in my plate right now. I am not taking up the job and I have already written to the Governor on the same,” Jaguar later told Pulse during an exclusive interview. Even though Jaguar tried to go soft on the matter, it is quite likely that his close ties with Sonko, who many a times assume to be grooming the singer to power, informed the move.

Early this week, before the declination announcement, Jaguar is said to have had a long conversation with Sonko in his office.

Even though details of their meeting are still scanty, sources within informed Pulse that the two talked about enhancing their youth rehabilitation project through which they have seen several youth surrender illegal guns and start up initiatives beneficial to them and the society.

“I am using my little influence at the very position I am to make change in the society. That counts. I have been visiting prisons and slums, carrying out projects which have already borne fruits and which I am now having as my top priority,” Jaguar remarked, careful not to draw politics into the matter. Asked whether he was still considering a career in active politics in the future, the Kipepeo singer told Pulse that he was taking life, one stride after another.

Asked whether he was still considering a career in active politics in the future, the Kipepeo singer told Pulse that he was taking life, one stride after another.

“I am an entertainer and for now, it is all about making my fans happy. Anything to do with politics should just be treated as a rumour,” he concluded.


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