Wow-Virginia Beach named a street after Kenya: Are Kenyans Pilgrims Also?


Kenya LaneIt is no secret that Kenyans are everywhere. It is also not a secret that what Kenyans are known for is the marathon. Kenya’s athletic – ism is feared that some in Europe would have Kenyans removed from the list of those who compete in their city marathons. United States president Baraka Obama joked during the American Press Dinner that for the first time an American won the marathon, and a Kenyan was occupying the White House. In other words, Kenyans are the most powerful people in the world! Of-course he was joking.

Some Kenyans are taking this ‘power’ to the extreme. A while ago, I picked some friends from Orlando International Airport. When we got into the car, and after driving for a mile, they told me to stop. I assumed it was an emergency! I pulled on the side of the road and the mzee got out and opened his suit case. The guy had mandazi and nyama choma! “Nirikuwa nafikiria wataziona bwana”. He said. Mandazi and nyama choma? When we got to my place, I realized they had also packed jogoo, wimbi, roiko, majani chai, and my favorite, spinach chapatis! Just made my day. You got to love our people! If you are making some this mother’s day, email me some. Mine get hard as plates! My mother’s were great, but she RESTS.

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Not only do Kenyans believe in themselves, they must have been part of the first American pilgrims. If not, the pilgrims must have known that Kenyan blood would govern United States of America. Driving down Birdneck Road off highway 264 East in Virginia Beach, I spotted the Street. At first I could not believe it. Drove a mile and made a legal U-Turn. Drove back. I said to myself, “self, it is true! Kenyans were here. They were part of the original American pilgrims! They named streets after their country before it was even born?” Nakwambia!

Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya! Happy Mother’s Day.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD). HTBluff Associates.

Kenya Lane

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