* Mr. Peter Kahoro of Diaspora Village, London have lost 2 cousins on the Lamu killings on Sunday night 15th June, 2014. The brothers were caught in a restaurant watching World Cup Football game. Kahoro contact in UK 07984637357.

  • A brother of Mrs. Mary Njau a Kenyan artist based in St. Louis, Missouri  is also missing. Her contact in USA is 001-3143984307.
  • According to the local sources in the area, the attackers are local and were going house to house targeting men

  • Gunmen kill at least 48 people in Mpeketoni, Lamu

  • Equity Bank in Lamu burned to the ground

  • Mpeketoni town is about 40 kilometres inland in Lamu County and the attack was not a surprise. Police have been mobilised to collect the bodies and police boss David Kimaiyo says there were about 50 gunmen who struck the town with explosives and guns attacking two hotels, a bank, police station and other structures.

  • Kenya Commercial Bank also burnt

  • “It seems that the attackers knows who is who in their mission” – Local resident in the area

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