Doctor on the run after overdosing women for sex


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Doctor on the run after overdosing women for sex
Doctor on the run after overdosing women for sex

A city medical doctor has allegedly been playing hide and seek with police after allegations of him overdosing and possibly sleeping with female patients surfaced.

The authorities are looking for a certain Dr Monari of Tumaini Health Centre in Embakasi, to confirm validity of his license, allegations of overdosing female patients, and if he is registered or quack.

His alleged misconduct came into the limelight mid last month after his wife, Jenifer Monari, assaulted a patient she found locked in Dr Monari’s room. Dr Monari’s 29-year-old wife was charged in a city court on June 17 for allegedly assaulting Agnes Njambi Mwangi.

Agnes, 22, was a patient at Tumaini Health Centre.

Jeniffer, however, denied the allegations and was set free on Sh10, 000 bail. Her case will be heard on October 2.

Njambi had gone to the clinic two weeks prior to the incident for a family planning injection by Dr Monari, according to statements she gave the police. The injections allegedly had side effects including backaches, headaches and nausea for more than 10 days.

The college student at Beauty Institute in Embakasi returned to the facility on June 17 to find out why it had taken longer than usual for her body to adapt. The middle-aged medic welcomed her a few minutes after 9.00am.

Five tablets

Njambi was feeling unwell ‘nearly all over the body’ and Dr Monari allegedly told her to relax a bit as he went to his cabinet. “He picked five tablets and a glass of water which he asked me to take. He told me to swallow all of them to take care of the malaise,” Njambi claims in the police statement.

She had never taken such a large number of tablets at one go in her life. Njambi allegedly felt weak immediately after ingesting the ‘painkillers.’

“Having assisted me to swallow the drugs, he locked the door from inside, claiming council askaris would show up any moment to collect Cess (tax) and inspect licenses,” Njambi said.

Barely five minutes after locking the door, Dr Monari’s wife who is said to have been following the activities from another room, stormed in with a piece of wood, and allegedly descended on the patient, leaving her with injuries on the head and right hand.

A stunned Dr Monari held his wife, pushed her outside as Njambi, who described her condition as having been worsened by the unknown tablets, escaped only to be found more than five hours later lying senseless at a playground near her home in Embakasi.

Anne Waithera, Njambi’s sister, told The Nairobian it was by sheer luck that she stumbled upon her unconscious sister.  She said she had gone to Njambi’s college to find out how she was doing, only to be told she had not shown up that day.

“I wanted to find out how she was progressing, but one of the teachers told me my sister had not reported for classes that day,” she said.

She stumbled upon her lying at a compound, surrounded by a small crowd as she left the college. She helped rush her to the nearest hospital where she was treated and discharged.

Under investigations

Lilie Mwikali, another witness who has allegedly been attended to before by Dr Monari said: “The last time I visited the clinic sometime in the evening for a checkup, the doctor touched me all over the body. I swore never to return to the clinic.”

The matter was reported to Villa Police Post, which led to the arrest of Jenifer Monari. Dr Monari then went missing, according to the police.

A police inspector, Kinyua, currently in charge of the station, said: “It is true that the matter is under investigation and we are looking for the doctor, since we arrested the wife and charged her in court. We are told the doctor is around but is hiding.”

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Doctor on the run after overdosing women for sex

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