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When babies are up for sale, we have all sinned

I was deeply disturbed by a report by one of the TV stations about the sale of children like cheap commodities.

The report said boys are nicknamed maize while girls are nicknamed beans. What a shame!

A revelation such as this should cause us indigestion because we are all culpable. We have all sinned.

It is a shame that nobody in the police knew about this horrifying business. It is also an insult when people caught in this scam are not charged with capital offences.

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How many children die while they are being shuffled from one buyer to another? Who will avenge their deaths?

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The blame is not on the police alone. Every administrative officer, starting from the county level to the area assistant chief is to blame for these crimes. It is a disgrace to the country that none of them knew of these crimes.

Health officers who are supposed to inspect establishments and close those run by quacks — you failed us.

It is a shame that no pastor with a church in Kayole got a report of these crimes. Were there prayer requests for missing children? Were they reported to the authorities?


Our informal systems of authority have failed us and because of their failure, children are sold like commodities.

Our families have failed us. When did we start sending our expectant mothers to the delivery room unaccompanied? Where are the men who are responsible for these pregnancies?

And the mothers and mother-in- laws? Where are the trusted companions to hold these women’s hands? What is our society coming to?

Have we condemned our mothers to go through this traumatising and confusing time alone? Who will wipe sweat from their brawls and encourage them?


Pregnancy and child birth are hard and painful experiences. But to be alone during this process is a terrible burden that our women should not bear.

The report about the sale of children broke my heart. We have all failed as a society. We have failed these mothers who will not be able to hold their babies and celebrate important milestones.

We have failed the children who are separated from their loved ones. Let us all say a prayer of repentance and vow to do our part to ensure that from today, no baby will undergo such traumatic and barbaric experiences.

We are all responsible for looking the other way, being unconcerned and disregarding our responsibilities. May God help us.

Daniel Njenga is a certified public accountant living in Dallas, Texas. He is the proprietor of Daniel Njenga Certified Public Accountants in Plano, TX.

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