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Why Cord should back down from Saba Saba calls

I am a Kenyan who has visited several countries and I can proudly say that my country is greatly blessed.

Where else can you get beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful culture and sceneries all in one country?

We have also made major strides in politics — for example, our new Constitution, which embraces and supports devolution.

If its policies are well implemented, this would guarantee Kenya reaches its financial and social goals way before the targeted dates of 2030.

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However, despite our potential, we may never reach the mountaintop due to cheap politics such as that orchestrated by the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord).

In my opinion, instead of clamouring for unnecessary dialogue as the main opposition party, Cord should enforce a system of checks and balances and ensure the government is delivering services to its citizens efficiently.

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This engagement has to be done by utilising the constitutionally set legislative avenues, including any sort of dialogue.


Unfortunately, it is clear that Cord’s political position is neither balanced nor objective.

It seems like the priority of Cord leaders is to do everything possible to undermine the current regime with the goal of winning the 2017 elections.

However, Kenyans are clever than that and will ensure that no one comes to power through the back door.

We all agree that the current deals and project initiatives undertaken by the government are mainly challenged by the opposition.

Ironically, this unwarranted criticism comes despite Cord having massive representation among elected representatives in the counties.

What is stopping them from applying the principles in their party manifestos in these counties and waiting for the end of their terms when everyone will see the results and without a doubt guarantee them to win the next elections?

Kenyans are hungry for progress and they want results. They care less about political shenanigans.

Calling for “Saba Saba” rallies and encouraging civil disobedience will bring zero results and is totally unnecessary.



Residents of Machakos County should be proud. Their governor, Alfred Mutua, has proved many of us, including politicians, wrong.

He has shown that the recipe for progress is not that much complicated and all that is needed is vision, focus, good governance, good planning, and doing away with cheap politics.

Governor Mutua has vowed to work with the little or more government funding that he receives to bring development to his county.

This is the sort of character and change that Kenyans are yearning for from the leaders they elected.

We do not have to invent anything. We have a great Constitution and are free to study and apply best governance practices used in successful nations.

Congratulations Governor Mutua for your achievements. We in the Diaspora are very proud of you and wish a lot of your colleagues would follow suit.

Samuel Ndande is a Kenyan living in Dallas, Texas. He works in the financial sector.

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