Nyambane:I was married in campus, but ten-to-ten rule still hurt me


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I joined campus in 1996 and left in the September 2000, though I am yet to graduate.

I must say I owe everything I have become to my years in campus. You see, I was a fan of cultural activities and would participate in the choir, Kenyatta University Travelling Theatre (KUTT) group, as well as emceeing. Here I learnt a lot.

My campus years were not without drama. The ten-to-ten rule got me locked up in the female hostels most of the time and this meant I had to seek ‘accommodation’ from them. Since I am yet to graduate, and don’t ask me why, I cannot dare mention my worst lecturer. You know, I may not make it on that hallowed list, ha?

But I liked Mwalimu Agbemenu, who thrilled me with his prowess in interpreting African art.

My worst moments were during riots, which I never took part in because they were like evil spirits! My favourite hangout was Cassandra Street in KU.

I did not abandon my studies at any given point. My activities and studies complemented each other. I was a very bright student.

My comedy and other performances, which I did then, helped me pay my bills, fees and even got me noticed by female students. They made me a sweet banana indeed! I was however married all through my campus years.

On matters food, I used to buy beans from KM, chapati from the mess (Nyayo mess to be precise) and re-fry them with my wife in the hostel to add flavour. To me, campus is a place where young men and women go to find themselves and define their future. Since I defined mine, that is why I am still handsome. Can’t you see?!

Walter Mong’are is yet to graduate with a degree in theatre arts and film at Kenyatta University. He is an accomplished entertainer, journalist, events planner, businessman and the current Communications Director for Nairobi County.


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