Photos:Shocker for Ruto after Mzungu Came Out ‘Naked’ To Receive Him in Malindi


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When host the deputy president at your business premises, logic dictates that you dress for the occasion. Well ironed suit, if possible new, beautiful neck tie and clean polished shoes.

One white guy however does not see the world like the rest of us

While opening a fruit factory in Malindi last week, the proprietor received the deputy president dressed in a short and a baggy shirt. Everyone else in the delegation was dressed in what can be termed as proper attire, and Facebook users did not fail to take note.

Here are some comments.

Senior Mukorah – hii ni madharau how can that white man meet u with a short…

Shiru Tish Maci – nini amevaa mbele za DP

Aston Kipkrui – waxee wa digtal nao ndo uyu 1,

Kevin Rotich – Hehe!! Huyo mzungu wah.. Simplicity taken too far

Victor Opiyo – That man is disrecpful..why receive a whole deputy president in a short and shirt? That’s so bad hata Kama in investment

Patrick Wainaina Njoroge – No body realises that the investor in wearing simple yaani its only us who tend to strain ourselves by putting on very expensive suits,cologne,shoes n watches on official functions…I love how hes dressed up. .cudos

Joyce Chebelyon – It seems that Mzungu wanted to convince security that he is safe with no hidden weapons..He came naked for the meeting! 


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