“Raila’s private call to Uhuru Kenyatta”. Read what they talked about


In what is seen as a conciliatory tone and approach to the rising political temperatures in in the country, Raila Odinga in a surprise and very stunning move, placed a phone call to president Uhuru Kenyatta last week before the head of state flew to the united states for the US-African Summit .  Here is the phone call conversation as leaked by our private sources

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RAILA : Good afternoon Ndugu Yangu ?
UHURU KENYATTA : Good Afternoon My Brother, How are you doing ?

RAILA : Doing good . How is your Milk business fairing on ?

Uhuru Kenyatta : Hahahaha….My business is doing well apart from some common business challenges . How is your Gas business doing ?

RAILA : My business doing well too. How are you fairing on with leading this country ?

UHURU KENYATTA : Hahaha….It is Just trying my brother, Just trying to make Kenya a better place for all Kenyans and our future generations .

Uhuru Kenyatta : And Also …..

RAILA : Yes, that is what Leadership is all about

Uhuru Kenyatta : The opposition is also very tough nowadays , but it is good t0 have a performing opposition…Atleast Kenyans will see both the government and opposition are working  to help the ordinary Mwananchi

RAILA : You are flying out for the US-African Summit ..

Uhuru Kenyatta : Coughs ….

RAILA : Speak to the USA and tell them to do something about the advisories, they are hurting the tourism industry

Uhuru Kenyatta ; Yes…We have many issues we are planning to raise as a country among them fiddling ties, USAID Issues and  suspension of its American Peace Corps programmes in Kenya and Kenyan foreign policy

RAILA : That is great. Keep pushing, I believe they will listen considering that USA  increasingly relies on Kenya as a strategic partner in fighting terrorism especially in the Horn of Africa

UHURU …. Yes My Brother

RAILA : Also greet my brother Barrack Obama

Uhuru Kenyatta : I will definitely do that

Uhuru Kenyatta : When I am back we will talk, I have some issues that we should also talk about

RAILA : Always Available …

Uhuru : Thanks for the Call, It has been a pleasure to talk to you

RAILA : Ahsante sana Ndugu. I wish you a safe Journey

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