Somali Al-Shabaab Commander Arrested in Nairobi


A senior Al-Shabaab commander was arrested by police in Nairobi after he sneaked into Kenya for treatment.

Identified as Hanifi Hassan, he was arrested on Sunday in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate while seeking treatment for injuries he sustained in Somalia.

Counter terrorism detectives marked him a “high value” suspect and held him for interrogation at an undisclosed location.

It is believed he was injured in an ambush several weeks ago but his health deteriorated, forcing him to take the risk of coming to Kenya since the injuries were life threatening.

Detectives questioned him on how he hoped to get in touch with doctors, and at the same time live in Kenya undetected.

The security sources wanted to know who he was working with in the country.

It is believed the man is a key mastermind of several attacks that have occurred in the war torn country targeting security personnel.

Officials denied the reports which were however confirmed by juniors who requested not to be named as they are not authorised to divulge information to the media. – Daily Nation

Westgate Mall after the deadly assault by Al-Shabaab gunmen. PHOTO | JAMES QUEST | FILE

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