ICC defers witness’s testimony in Ruto,Sang case

The ICC Trial Chamber has postponed to Thursday the testimony of a witness in the case against Deputy President William Ruto and radio journalist Joshua Sang.

The decision was made to allow the witness to complete the familiarisation process, as well as to enable his lawyer to prepare.

Witnesses testifying before ICC judges first go through a process of “familiarisation”, during which ICC Registry staff bring them either into the courtroom or to the location where they will testify via video link before the hearing starts, to allow them to sit in the witness stand for the first time and become familiar with courtroom procedures.

The staff also test out the computer screens and microphones together with the witness and answer any questions the witness might have in relation to the courtroom procedures.

“The Chamber decided, in its oral ruling, to grant in part the application for postponement of the witness’s testimony. The Chamber decided that the testimony shall commence on Thursday, 4 September 2014, at 09:30 The Hague time,” the Chamber said in a statement.


“The purpose of granting this postponement of a further two days is to enable the completion of the witness’s familiarisation process as well as to enable counsel to prepare.

“The Chamber considered the familiarisation process to be an important aspect in preparing the witness to give the testimony, in particular, in order to minimise any stress experienced or to be experienced.”

The witness had on Monday asked for more time to prepare before shedding light on the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

His lawyer, Geoffrey Mutai, presented a medical report to support the witness’s claims that he was depressed and needed time to get better before he came to testify.

His testimony will be by video-link from Nairobi.


Deputy President William Ruto greets Senator Charles Keter at the International Criminal Court on September 1, 2014. PHOTO | DPPS

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